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About Korean Village Restaurant

In 1978, Korean Village Restaurant was born. Ok Re Lee & Ke Hang Lee immigrated to Canada with a dream and an idea to open a traditional Korean restaurant in Toronto. Ok Re Lee was a successful actress and Ke Hang Lee was a Fitness Instructor in South Korea but neither had any previous experience in the Restaurant business. They were one of the original pioneers of Koreatown representing Korean immigrants in Canada.

Korean Village Restaurant is still thriving in Koreatown. Having been in business for over 41 years, both Ok Re Lee & Ke Hang Lee could not have envisioned that their dream would not only be a reality but a tremendous and ongoing success.

Sadly, Ok Re Lee passed away in October of 2019, but her legacy and passion for serving authentic Korean cuisine continues through her sons, Jason & Sean Lee.

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Korean Village Restaurant carries tremendous pride through its history and love of providing an authentic Korean dining experience for all our guests. We have been open since 1978, proudly serving authentic Korean cuisine. Our dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients, presented simply with a focus on flavor and quality that is uniquely Korean.

Korean cooking emphasizes the wide array of flavors. Korean meals are traditionally accompanied by side dishes called “Banchan” and are meant to complement Korean main dishes. Our staple side dish, Kimchi, which is fermented cabbage, is made in-house just like our sauces as well as other side dishes. Our Barbecue meats are marinated for over 35 hours to provide more flavor. Our menu boasts over 100+ items to showcase our variety and willingness to meet the tastes of everyone’s needs.

It is a tremendous honor and privilege to showcase authentic Korean food to everybody.

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